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Short term shock programmes
15/02/2012 - "Short term shock programmes" by Hoani Edwards
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At the end of last year I experimented with a two week eating and exercise regime with a group of my clients.  The basis of the programme was to follow a strict nutritional plan and a challenging daily exercise regime for 2 weeks.  

What Works

Having worked as a personal trainer for close to 15 years I have read numerous articles from many sources that say "diets" don't work, and that we should manage a person's current dietary plan and this way they are more liable to stick to the changes you implement.  Well what I have found for the majority of people who are trying to lose weight is that if they get some quick results they are more liable to stick to a plan.  And more often than not when people make slight adjustments to their current diet, the diet that had made them put on the weight in the first place, they quite often have no change.  This is compounded by the fact that they usually have added in alot of exercise.  So they feel cheated that they have been doing all this work and nothing has changed on the scales.  

All the people I have trained that have had good weight loss have always followed a diet.  And yes, they have found that it is hard to follow, but also, that they get results and find this motivating to stick to the plan.  

Our Plan

Our nutritional plan was designed with the goal to get some instant weightloss.  We made a decision to be strict with our choices.  The short timeframe of the diet and programme was also a crucial factor.  This was 2 weeks.  A time we found out later was long enough to get some great weight loss in the form of fat, long enough to educate people and change some eating habits, but also a timeframe that was a doable period for all.  

The nuts and bolts

So we started with a weigh in as a team, met 2 times each week as a group for our resistance training programme (they also did this programme once by themselves), met daily for their prescribed cardiovascular training (some with their allocated training partner, others by themselves if they couldn't make it).  We followed our diets.  We all sent daily text's or emails about what each other was eating for lunch or dinner. We had a 1 week measure up and another at the completion of the programme.  We had another weigh in 2 weeks after the completion of the programme.  

The Results

The results really surprised me. 39.6kg lost between 6 people, the lowest amount being 4.4kg.  Now I thought there is definitely going to be some water loss, and was also a little nervous of lean muscle mass loss but because we were having good lean sources of protein with each meal, and doing a resistance training programme 3 times per week, we actually increased muscle mass.  What we found when we had a measure 2 weeks later was that all had maintained their weightloss to within a kg.  The hard part was continueing with a form of the regime over the christmas holiday.  4 of the 6 still came back after christmas close to their final weigh in weights.  But also all are keen to do the programme again.  

Key Points

1) If you want to guarantee some weightloss results you need to follow a strict diet, and yes it will be hard.

2) 2 weeks is long enough to get amazing results and keep them.  

3) Having the support of a trainer, training partner, team member or group is also crucial to your success.  

4) You need to be ready to take on any programme.  Mentally and physically.  The people that take responsibility and ownership of where they want to be or how they want to look always achieve greater results.

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