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Back Care Program
29/01/2011 - "Back Care Program" by Olly
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Back Pain affects an estimated 80% of the population at some stage. The mechanisms of injury are numerous and sometimes spectacular; dramatic sporting collisions, car crashes or during heavy lifting. Most of us however simply bend forward, twist awkwardly or sometimes we just wake up and we are in pain. The majority of the clients who come into our clinic and gym are in the second group. No dramatic incident leading to pain; usually just an innocent movement, which they have probably done hundreds of times before without incident.

It is generally accepted that we are all leading more sedentary lives and that we are sitting for long periods of time at computers, in cars and at desks. The load through our backs when we are sitting is almost 2 times that of when we are standing upright. This force increases further if we are slumped forward while seated. It has been shown that the ligaments in your lower back are elongated after just 20 minutes of sitting. Muscles which are key in stabilising the lower back become inactive, and other muscles in both the hips and the back which are held in shortened positions become tight.

The best way to combat the effects of sustained sitting postures is to ensure that you have a break every 20 minutes. Even a couple of minutes will be enough to reduce the load on your back and reposition it so as to reduce the tension in the discs and ligaments. A walk across the room to get a drink of water, talk to a colleague, or simply to clear the head will prevent the effects of sitting for long periods.

Activating and strengthening key muscles which stabilize the lower back and pelvis is recommended to help prevent back pain and for the early stages in rehabilitation following back injury. We have outlined 4 key exercises you can try which will help target these muscles. Click the link below for our early stage Back Care Program. If your back pain persists, please contact us or visit your specialist for more specific advice. 

Remember, get up and walk around regularly to break up sustained sitting postures.

Fit For Life Team. 

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