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Knee Pain
10/03/2011 - "Knee Pain" by Olly
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Knee pain is common and it prevents many people doing normal activities of daily living. Walking, running and climbing or descending stairs are examples of movements, which can aggravate the knees if they are causing problems. Activities, which involve lowering your body weight by bending your knees such as, sitting down into a chair, lifting objects from the floor or kneeling down in the garden can also be affected. There is obviously a range of different factors, which can lead to knee pain, but we find that teaching clients how to move correctly relieves most knee pain.

The knee should bend in a coordinated movement with the hips and the ankles. During each of the movements described above which can cause pain, the hip, knee and ankle should bend and straighten together. If one of the joints doesn’t move freely, it passes the load to the other joints.

Of the three, the knee is a relatively simple joint. It is designed to bend and straighten in one direction. It isn’t designed to rotate or bend sideways. The hips and the ankles however should move freely in all directions. This allows the lower body to adjust to uneven terrains, sideways movements and general mobility. Restricted movement in the hips or ankles can cause lateral or rotation forces through the knee, which it is not designed to withstand.

Our rehabilitation programs are designed to free up the hips and ankles to reduce the unwanted forces transferred into the knees. We teach our clients to bend correctly using the hips, knees and ankles in a coordinated movement which shares the load evenly. In addition, we will strengthen the key muscles in the hips, thighs and lower leg to improve the stability and support for the joints in the lower limb.

As with all our rehabilitation plans, we include spinal stability, cardiovascular conditioning and total body conditioning to fully prepare you for a full return to all activities of daily living. We tailor all our programs specifically for each client. We have helped people with knee pain to achieve a range of fantastic goals such as walking the Inca Trail, Skiing in Whistler and riding the Otago Rail Trail to name a few. We have also helped many others reduce their knee pain so they can walk up and down stairs, bend comfortably through their knees and live an active lifestyle.

Please fee free to contact us if you would like more information on our knee rehabilitation programs or any other issue you may be having which prevents you from moving comfortably. 

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