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Fit For Life Gym

Fit for Life Gymnasium is a specialized 24 hour fitness studio in Remuera Auckland. Our members are closely supervised by experiences trainers during our normal gym hours (6am - 6pm Mon-Friday). In addition, our gym is a 24hour facility which allows our members to come in via swipe card access at any time of the day or night and on any day in the calendar year.
Fit For Life Gym Memberships
 Renewing MemberNew Member*
12 Month
6 Month
Shorter Terms
* New Members pay a membership fee of $114.00 which includes your Swipe card for 24/7 access, Program Design and Administration
Payment Options
  • Direct Debit payments of $105/month can be set up as soon as your Joining fee has been paid.
  • Bulk Payments: Credit Card, Eftpos, Cheque or Cash.
Please ring or text (021) 618 936 to arrange an appointment to set up your Membership and arrange your Initial Program Assessment with your Trainer.
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Outdoor Fitness Classes

We promote an active lifestyle which includes outdoor fitness options. Our outdoor fitness classes are run in a range of local parks and reserves in Auckland. Participants thrive in our classes gaining support and motivation from the group and from our experienced trainers. Please ring or text (021) 618 936 to arrange an appointment to the class or group training session that you would like to attend if you are a non-member. Payment can be made before the class through Fit For Life Gym
Auckland Group Training
 LocationTimesDays / TimesCasual RatesPackage
Boot Camp*
Remuera Locations. Meeting place texted the night before.6.00amTues / Thurs$20.00Recommencing Feb 2014
Boot Camp
Shore Rd Park, Shore Rd, Remuera7:00amTues / Thurs$20.00 
Mid Morning Boot Camp
Shore Rd Park, Shore Rd, Remuera9:00amTues / Thurs$20 
* Package = 10 consecutive sessions

Mt Maunganui
 LocationTimesDaysCasual RatesPackage
Blake Park6amMon / Wed / Fri$20.00$180.00
Tauranga Domain6pmMon / Wed / Fri$20.00$180.00
60+year/old Group
Blake Park8:30amTues / Thurs$15.00 
* 6 Week Package= You can attend as many sessions as you like, (am or pm).
** 6 Week Package= You can attend as many sessions as you like, (am or pm).
Held in local parks and reserves in Auckland. Please contact us to find out where your closest Outdoor Training group is and when the classes are run.
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Personal Training

We offer Personal Training to both members and non-members. Personal Training allows you to receive personalized assessment, program design, ongoing motivation and regular extension to your exercises.
Auckland Personal Training Packages
 Package Price
6 Weeks*
$459.00 + Includes 6 weeks 24/7 access to Gym
10 Week**
$795.00 + Includes 6 weeks 24/7 access to Gym
Personal Training Sessions***
$80.00 + 3/4 hr $65, 1/2 hr $50
* 6 PT Sessions
** 10 PT Sessions
*** 1 hour - 3/4 hour - 1/2 hour

Bay of Plenty Mobile Personal Training
 1-2 people3+ People
Mt Maunganui
Rest of BOP*
$75.00 + travel costs$90.00 + travel costs
* (Travel costs may be added)
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Program Design and Online Support

Our Personal Trainers will design Programs for you to complete at home or any gym. These programs are designed specifically for each client based on their goals and abilities. The program will include cardiovascular exercise, muscle strengthening / stretching program as well as weekly plans to extend the exercises and / or intensities throughout the 4-6 weeks. You will have online access to your programs; photos and exercise descriptions; and support from your Trainer.
Program Design and Online Support
4-6 Week Program**
+ Weekly updates$149.00
* Online Support / Advice and Tools
** Online account with access to Exercise Photos and Descriptions
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Injury Rehabilitation Programs

These programs are run from our Fit For Life Fitness Studio in Remuera. You have full 24/7 hour access to our fitness studio. The normal 6 week program is based on a Full Program Design Assessment in Week 1 and weekly One-on-One follow up sessions with your trainer. You will have Home-Based and Gym-Based programs to follow. These will have photos and detailed instruction to guide you. Our onsite trainers are there to help you during normal gym hours. If you require extra One on One instruction, we can arrange our experienced Trainers to meet with you which will be in addition the program cost. We also run programs in conjunction with Integrative Pain Care formely Remuera Physiotherapy. For more information you can contact Remuera Physiotherapy
6 Week Rehabilitation Programs
 Weekly PT SupportAdditional Support
6 Week Gym Access*
Personal Training ratesPersonal Training rates
* $120
Depending on the level of support you require and/or your injury
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Fitness Assessment

We perform accurate fitness assessments that measure body composition(bodymetrix ultrasound), flexibility and function, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory fitness (VO2max), and muscular strength
Fitness Assessment
Full Assessment*
Weight and Blood Pressure
* Body Fat and Composition, Aerobic fitness (VO2max), Flexibility and Function, Muscular Endurance
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Request a Callback

Drop us an email and one of our trainers will give you a callback to answer your questions.

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