Our Journey

Our journey began 15 years ago by Remuera Physio, with an aim to provide a platform for the physiotherapists and patients to work on exercise plans.

The Physio committed resources and the studio to the pressing need for focus on injury recovery, strength & stretch exercises to avoid injury, rehabilitation from operations, and general well-being in the senior residents of Remuera.

Our expertise in Prehab & rehab slowly grew into a small non-threatening studio not only catering to the Senior population but also the general public that were intimidated by the big gyms.

We have always committed to focus on methodical, scientific & systematic wellbeing techniques, keeping in mind our core clientele and goals for the studio.

As we grew in experience, we realized the importance of fitness, sport and strength training for young & persevering athletes.

We believe that

"Youth is a state of mind'
we must all,
get up get moving Get Fit for life.

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