Bootcamps & Personal Training

Join our outdoor boot camps so you could smash those calories while having a competitive, social and enjoyable vibe.

We here at Fit for Life are driven by your goals. Express what you looking to gain and we will customise and specialise your program to fit you with realistic goals. Every exercise proscribed is with a lot of scientific thought reason so be assured to have the best for you.

  • Customised programs
  • Pre-testing and post testing physiological goals that you want to attain
  • Periodic changes to programs
  • A scientific reasoning for prescribed programs, etc.

If you are someone driven by competition and social surrounding to motivate you, the outdoor bootcamps are exactly what you looking for. Our bootcamp client teams have been training together as long as we remember and there never is a dull moment while we continue to crush those calories. Come down and give it a try!! I promise you, theres never disappointment.

  • Variety of equipment
  • Social
  • Fun
  • Competitive
  • Outdoors
  • New training routines each week
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