The Team


Hoani is the director of 'Fit for Life' exercise studio in Remuera, Auckland. Hoani has been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He has worked in large commercial gyms, owned his own PT studio & run a boot camp company.


I have a holistic approach to health & wellbeing. I believe in consistency and setting small realistic goals. Consistency is the key.

Training & Qualifications

BSc, Dip PT


Specializing in Weight Loss, General Health and Fitness, Exercise and Mental Health.

Natasha has over 10 years of industry experience and holds a Certificate in Fitness Instruction from Auckland Institute of Technology. This encompasses Fitness Foundations, Prescription of Exercise and Fitness Assessment & Counselling.


My philosophy to exercising is more than just dropping down a dress or pants size. I have found through personal experience exercise can shape your mental wellbeing as much as your physical wellbeing. I take a well-rounded approach to clients health that incorporates exercise, nutrition, and mental wellbeing. I have also worked with pre and post natal clients to help them develop fitness and strength throughout pregnancy and after baby. I have also worked with clients who have had issues with their own mental well-being, I myself have experience with depression and anxiety so know how important exercise can be to better one's mental health. It can be said that "exercise is the best form of a natural anti-depressant". I myself use exercise as a recovery tool.
I wish to be able to help others with their own mental well-being, general fitness and strength, and toning goals.


Run Auckland Marathon 2003 in under 4hrs(3.55m) Half marathon 1hr 43mins 2005 Raising two young boys

Personal Interests

Spending time with Family and Friends. Exercising particularly resistance training with weights.

Training & Qualifications

Certificate in Exercise Prescription AUT 2005



  • Youth strength and conditioning
  • Sport-specific Strength and conditioning
  • Rehabilitation and prehab

Always been involved in sport and being an outdoorsy kid, activity, and exercise came to me naturally which translated into me playing professional football for 5 consecutive years while completing my masters in Sociology before I chose to get back to academics. One thing that always intrigued me is how athletes could get big(muscular), fast and athletic at the same time. But with a major interest in how early can, athletes start so to have adapted and reaped the maximum benefit as this was something I never got as a young athlete. Hence, choosing to do a specialty paper in strength training in youth. It's a big area of interest for me and will continue exploring all academic avenues to pursue the same. Well, anything that that involved exercise science gets me going, it maybe Strength and conditioning, rehabilitation or leading a healthy active life that can be sustained.


The only thing constant is change and the key to positive change is consistency whether one is a child or adult.


  • Graduate Sport and Exercise Science (AUT)
  • Specialization: Strength training in youth
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)


  • Youth S&C
  • Sport Specialised S&C
  • Prehab and Rehab

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